Woody Johnson: Boss an "American icon"

In a sitdown interview with ESPNNewYork.com in May, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson said the owner he admired most in sports was George Steinbrenner.

On Tuesday, Johnson released a statement, commenting on the death of the Yankees owner.

“George Steinbrenner is an American icon and was one of the preeminent owners in all of sports," Johnson said. "A true champion with his own unique style, he held his team to the highest standards and demanded a title for Yankees fans each and every season. I will remember him as a winner whose passion and enthusiasm became part of the fabric of New York City. He was an inspiration and represented the essence of leadership.”

Back in May, Johnson was asked if he had any similarities with Steinbrenner. He laughed.

"No, he has a lot more rings," Johnsn said. "When I get some rings, maybe."

It will take more than a few rings to surpass Steinbrenner's impact on sports and culture. That applies to every owner in every sport.