Gholston receives walking papers -- again

Former Jets draft bust Vernon Gholston was released Monday by the Bears, one week after Gholston told reporters after the Giants-Bears game that he didn't receive a fair shake from Rex Ryan.

That's laughable. Gholston has failed under three defensive-minded head coaches -- Eric Mangini, Ryan and Lovie Smith. He has failed in three different defensive systems. And he has failed at three different positions -- 3-4 OLB, 3-4 DE and 4-3 DE.

If Gholston had any shot of resurrecting his career (wait, can you resurrect something that never began in the first place?), it was with the Bears. There was no pressure, he finally was in the right system and he had one of the best line coaches in the business, Rod Marinelli, a super-intense coach who figured to have the best chance of lighting a fire under Gholston.

If Gholston doesn't find another job, his career will be over after three seasons and no sacks. Still tied with Cimini in career sacks.