Jets unveil Wildcat with Kerley taking snaps

No. That wasn’t Brad Smith running the Wildcat for the Jets on Monday night.

But with rookie Jeremy Kerley taking the direct snaps, it was just as effective.

Kerley and the Jets ran the Wildcat four times in Monday night’s 17-3 preseason victory over the Giants for 39 yards.

“I think it was effective,” Kerley, who ran twice for 13 yards, handed off to Joe McKnight for eight and also threw an impressive 18-yard pass to Matt Mulligan, told ESPN NewYork.com. “I think we came out and did what we were expected to do, and that’s get a good look, try to get some mismatches and that’s what we did. We were just trying to see where we were tonight, throw a couple plays in and see what happened.”

The Jets hadn’t ran the Wildcat in their first two preseason games, but busted it out on Monday night with great success.

“That’s what we’ve been working on for a while,” said Kerley, who has taken over as the Jets’ Wildcat quarterback after Smith signed an offseason free agent contract with the Bills. “I’m just glad it worked out tonight.”

Here’s what Kerley had to say about his hook up with Mulligan, in which he sold the run to perfection.

“I just wanted to sell the run fake,” Kerley said. “Then spin around and throw the pass. It was a run-pass option.”

Kerley said the Jets hadn’t really worked on the Wildcat “a lot” in practice.

“We run it a couple of snaps during practices,” Kerley said. “We’re just trying to keep it fresh though.”

Kerley, a converted high school quarterback, also threw some occasional passes while at TCU, so he has plenty of experience behind center.