Ex-Jet David Harris gets last laugh by signing with Super Bowl champs

Harris could slot in as starter with Pats (0:46)

Dan Graziano joins SportsCenter to explain why the addition of David Harris is such a big deal for the Patriots. (0:46)

Enduring one last body blow in an offseason filled with them, the New York Jets saw one of their most beloved players, David Harris, sign with the Evil Empire on Wednesday.

Fired by his forever team, which handled his ouster in amateurish fashion, Harris ran into the open arms of Bill Belichick, joining the Jets' longtime nemesis.

Some will criticize Harris for being a traitor, but here's a news flash: Loyalty is dead in professional sports. Remember, the Jets dumped him; he didn't want to leave.

So now he goes to the New England Patriots, where he'll have a chance for significant playing time and, more important, an opportunity to finish his career with a championship.

In a way, it's so perfect, so Jets.

Harris wasn't good enough for a tanking team, yet he was coveted by the defending Super Bowl champions. From what I hear, he could be their starting middle linebacker.

Some will say this is Belichick sticking it to the Jets, but let me tell you something about Belichick: His idea of sticking it to the Jets is beating them, over and over, and he does that by adding useful players to his roster. Obviously, he believes Harris, 33, can help him win a sixth Super Bowl title.

Harris will look weird in a Patriots uniform, even weirder than Darrelle Revis did, because Revis was on his third team by the time he gained entrance to the Foxborough fortress in 2014.

This reminds me of Victor Green in 2002. He was a terrific player for the Jets, a member of their 40-year anniversary team. Like Harris, he was unceremoniously discarded and signed with the Patriots. In his first trip back to New Jersey, in Week 2, he intercepted a Vinny Testaverde pass and returned it 90 yards for a touchdown.

The Boston Globe ran a fantastic photo of the play, a shot of Green sprinting past the Jets' sideline. You could see the dejection on some of the Jets' faces, including coach Herm Edwards. For a player, it was the ultimate moment of redemption.

The Patriots visit MetLife Stadium on Oct. 15. Would it surprise anyone if Harris were to intercept Christian Hackenberg or make another type of game-changing play in his old home?

Of course not. That's what happens in this so-called rivalry.

The crazy thing is, Harris probably would be cheered by a fan base that appears resigned to a season of tanking.