Folk plays hero against former team

Nick Folk didn't want to make it all about him.

He didn't want to make it all about how he got revenge on his former team, how he stepped up and stuck the dagger in the team that let him go.

In fact, he downplayed it, as he has all week.

Because for Folk, it was much, much more than that. It was about a city that had gone through so much, a city that was still grieving a great tragedy a decade later.

A city that got a victory from one of its football teams on a Sunday night when it seemingly needed it the most.

"It did (mean something)," Folk said after drilling the game-winning 50-yard field goal with 27 seconds remaining to give the Jets a thrilling 27-24 victory over the Cowboys, who waived him on Dec. 21, 2009. "But, not at the time. At the time I was thinking about helping the Jets win, not beating the Dallas Cowboys.

"I think it was more emotional as far as 9/11 goes than playing the Cowboys. That's the honest truth. I felt a lot of emotions about it when we were holding the flag out there and all that stuff we were doing pregame. The fans were great tonight. They did a great job and we're just happy to come out with the win."

The Jets wouldn't have if not for their Folk Hero. Granted, they didn't make it easy for him.

Darrell Revis' interception of Tony Romo gave the Jets the ball at the Dallas 34-yard line.

But after a 2-yard run and two failed passes, Folk was going to have to connect from 50 for the Jets to take the lead. And connect he did.

Perfect snap. Perfect hold. Perfect kick. Straight on. Right through the uprights. Good.

"I hit it really well," said Folk, who noted that he didn't feel any extra pressure to make it. "I hit it about as good as I could. I trust myself tonight. I made sure it looked just like an extra point and just put it down the middle.

"Tonight, against the Cowboys, I probably felt like I could’ve kicked it from 65."

Folk began preparing well before the Revis pick.

"I kind of went into preparation mode when we got the ball back before we punted it," Folk said. "I kept telling TJ (Conley), 'You don't need to punt. You don’t need to punt. We're not going to need it. We're going to drive down and score.' We ended up punting it and then as soon as he (Revis) started returning it, I think I kicked two balls into the net and I was already ready. I just said, 'Let’s go.'"

And go Folk did, getting the Jets off to a perfect start in 2011.