Raiders having fun at Mark's expense

The Raiders haven't forgotten Mark Sanchez's infamous hot dog-eating stunt from two years ago, and it sounds like it could be a source of motivation. Raiders coach Hue Jackson wasn't on the staff in 2009, but he's certainly aware of the incident.

"The hot dog? I don’t eat hot dogs during the game, but it sounded like somebody did," Jackson told the Oakland media Wednesday. "That was his prerogative back then, I wasn’t here. I hope we can make it more interesting for him so he doesn’t have to eat hot dogs. So, hopefully, we can take the mustard, the relish, and the onions -- all that -- and put it away and play a little football."

The Jets grilled the Raiders (pardon the pun), 38-0, and Sanchez was caught on camera in the final minutes, eating a frank. He was criticized for his behavior, and he later apologized.

Jackson was asked if he'd use the hot-dog episode as motivation with his players. He didn't say he wouldn't.

"I can’t let all my secrets out. I can’t do that," he said. "The guy had a hot dog. Was it a Wienershnitzel or where’d it come from? I don’t know. It looked to pretty good by the way he was eating it, so I’m sure we’ll have some fun this week."

If an opposing player pulled a stunt like that against the Jets, you can bet Rex Ryan would show that clip to the team. Sounds like Jackson might, too.