Inside Sanchez's dismal performance

Mark Sanchez was blitzed on the first play, Ed Reed's strip sack for a touchdown, and he was under siege throughout the games by the Ravens' defense. Get this: The Ravens blitzed at least one defensive back on 13 of Sanchez's 38 dropbacks, according to ESPN Stats and Information.

That doesn't happen too often. In fact, only Sam Bradford and Jay Cutler have seen more DB blitzes in a single game this season (both in Week 2). Sanchez and the Jets' offense are having trouble with pressure because, if you recall, the Cowboys (and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan) came after them hard in Week 1.

Mark Sanchez vs Ravens Secondary Pressure

Dropbacks -- 13

Overthrows -- 4

Completions -- 3

Turnovers -- 2 (both TDs)

Sanchez passing: 5 yards or fewer downfield

The Jets' offense was so out of sync that Sanchez struggled to complete the shortest of passes. Do did Ravens QB Joe Flacco, for that matter. Each threw an interception and averaged less than four yards per attempt on throws shorter thsan six yards. Coming into the game, both were among the league leaders in that category.

Category .... Sanchez .... Flacco

Comp pct ..... 33.3 ..... 36.4

Yds per att ..... 1.2 ..... 3.3

NFL Pass rtg .... 7.64 .... 8.14