Rex talks Revis and Super Bowl

Cortland, N.Y. -- Rex Ryan addressed the media after meeting with the team Sunday night. He was asked about the Darrelle Revis holdout and said he was genuinely surprised that the Jets and the cornerback he hails as the best defensive player in the league were not able to come to terms on an extension.

“Love to have that going into camp, the excitement and everything else,” Ryan said. “That was obviously a big negative but we’re going to move forward.”

When he was asked about how his own extension looked in light of what is happening with Jets players, Ryan joked that he would be happy to trade his extension for what Revis was offered. More seriously, he said that even though he hadn’t spoken to Revis, he knew the CB wouldn’t begrudge him the contract.

"I know he'll be happy for me, and one day I'll be happy for him as well."

Either way, Ryan said that the Jets will have the best defense in the league, even if it means slotting Dwight Lowery and Kyle Wilson in for Revis during practice.

“I hope we don’t have to go through the regular season that way but if we do our expectations have not changed one bit,” Ryan said.

“We will have a great defense,” Ryan said.”

On a lighter note, Ryan said he was protesting his inability to win the weight loss contest between himself, Kris Jenkins and Damien Woody. Jenkins lost 33.6 lbs., but Ryan said he thinks it a bit unfair that the 35 lbs. he lost before the contest started didn’t count somehow.

“How should I be punished 35 pounds?” Ryan half-heartedly protested.

All three are noticeably slimmer.