Rex Ryan's press conference

CORTLAND, N.Y. — Rex Ryan started his press conference by congratulating himself on picking backup fullback John Conner in this year’s draft. Conner knocked the wind out of three linebackers his first practice, which made Ryan smile.

Ryan said he had expected more energy out of the first practice of the Jets 2010 training camp.

“I was expecting sparks to fly a little bit,” said Ryan, who wore Converse sneakers to practice as part of a yearly tradition for him.

CB Darrelle Revis is a hold out, and Ryan missed him. Though he didn’t say Revis’ absence was the problem, he mentioned a distinct lack of communication between the defensive backs and linebackers.

“We had a lot of free runners in the back end which is never a good sign,” Ryan said.

Ryan said if Revis signs a contract one day before the season starts he’ll start the first game.

Ryan also revealed that team doctors advised LaDainian Tomlinson to miss the conditioning test due to a hamstring injury, but the running back wouldn’t have it. “He made it, Ryan said. “He’s in great shape he looks super.”

Jason Taylor’s shoulder isn’t bothering him.

Ryan admitted that having the veteran Mark Brunell to mentor Mark Sanchez was a good move. He said he resisted the idea last season with Matt Cavanaugh on staff and reluctantly said he might not have had all the answers his first year as a head coach.

Like last season, Ryan knows that the brash talk might get him in trouble if the team doesn’t back it up during the regular season. That’s a risk he’ll take.

“Trust me I’ve been wrong a bunch, but I know one thing, we expect to win here,” Ryan said.

"Our goal has never changed, you can write it this year last year our goal is to win the Super Bowl," Ryan said. "I don't care if you like it, I don't care whatever, makes no sense, people laughed at us -- and we backed it up with a huge exception."