Jason changes view of Jets

Jason Taylor used to hate the Jets. Then he joined the Jets. Now he's back to ... well, hating them less.

"The rivalry is still there. I understand who I play for. But do I view the [Jets] organization a little differently? Actually, I do see them in a very different light having been around some of the people," Taylor told South Florida's Sun-Sentinel.com. "But again, on Sunday it's the opponent, the enemy, the rival. The fire is still there to beat them."

Actually, it's Monday night, the Dolphins visiting the Jets. It'll be a weird dynamic in play. For years, Taylor, who never missed an opportunity to insult Jets fans, was vilified in New York. He shocked everyone last year by actually signing with his No. 1 enemy, and he gradually was accepted, if not embraced by Jets fans.

Taylor was a situational player for the Jets, but he saw a considerable amount of playing time and finished with five sacks. He was released in February, not a surprise.