Jets vs. Dolphins: What to watch

Things I'm wondering as we get closer to kickoff:

1. I can't see the Jets losing unless they do something self-destructive -- i.e. a pick six by Mark Sanchez or a breakdown on kickoff coverage (Ted Ginn, Jr., anyone?). If they play a relatively clean game, they should be able to grind out a win.

2. How are the Dolphins going to score? They averaged only 17 points per game with their starting QB, Chad Henne, and now Henne is done for the season, replaced by Matt Moore. He doesn't have much around him. Yeah, WR Brandon Marshall has talent, but he'll be a non-factor, assuming the Jets put CB Darrelle Revis on him. What, then?

3. It'll be interesting to see if O.C. Brian Schottenheimer loosens up a bit and allows Sanchez to throw on first down, attacking the 31st-ranked pass defense. I suspect Schottenheimer will take last week's approach -- fairly conservative -- but he needs to take some deep shots. The Dolphins' cornerbacks are gamblers, and they're vulnerable to double moves. How 'bout a slant-and-go for Santonio Holmes?

4. If Holmes scores, will RG Brandon Moore run over to congratulate him? Just wondering.

5. One matchup concern for the Jets: RT Wayne Hunter vs. OLB Cameron Wake (three sacks). Wake isn't DeMarcus Ware, but he still has the ability to cause problems. In obvious passing situations, the Jets should use a back or tight end to provide help.

6. Jason Taylor returns to the Met. Does anybody care?

7. The Dolphins are going to go after the Jets' LBs, trying to exploit them in pass coverage. Look for them to get the ball to Reggie Bush out of the backfield. That's a lock.