Mangold doesn't care for Jenkins' view

Nick Mangold, responding to critical comments about the Jets' leadership by former teammate Kris Jenkins, said Thursday that he couldn't care less what Jenkins thinks about what's going on in the locker room.

"Everyone’s entitled to their own perspective, their own opinion. However, he’s not in here, not in here every day with the guys, working and doing what we’re doing," Mangold said. "So I don’t really value that perspective."

Jenkins, who retired before training camp and is now working as a TV analyst, got wind of Mangold's response and tweeted his thoughts:

"Wow. I never realized that I hurt Mangold's feelings. #I LOVE THIS JOB ROTFL!!!!!! (rolling on the floor laughing)."

On Wednesday, Jenkins appeared on ESPN 1050's "The Mike Lupica Show" and said the Jets lack leadership because they cut players like himself, Damien Woody and Shaun Ellis. He also took a shot at Bart Scott.

"These are the guys that set the tempo in your training camps. These are gonna be the guys that make things go accordingly to plan," Jenkins said. "Now, they just erased that off their team. Now you have guys that, yeah, they're good, they can play their positions, but they don't have the experience to take on those responsibilities, so what happens? You get a catty locker room."

The Jets' locker room showed signs of fracturing last week, when Santonio Holmes and Brandon Moore got into a war of words.

"He can speak on whatever he’d like to, but we know how things are going in this locker room and the way we handle them are the way we are going to handle them, because we play for the New York Jets right now," Holmes said of Jenkins' commentary.

Said Moore: "I don't care to comment on something someone said outside the building."