Maybin's vanity plate: "Mayhem"

So now we know how Aaron Maybin got his nickname, Mayhem. He coined it himself.

"I think that's what is on his license plate, so he did that to himself," Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine cracked Thursday.

Maybin didn't create much mayhem in Buffalo, recording zero sacks -- repeat, zero -- in two seasons. The former No. 1 pick was deemed a bust by the Bills, released, signed by the Jets, released and re-signed. Now, in three games, he has two sacks and three forced fumbles. Go figure.

The Jets face the Bills on Nov. 6. Asked if he's looking forward to that game, Maybin said, "Very much so. It's been circled on my calendar for a while."

But Maybin insisted he won't be looking for payback, claiming, "In order to have feelings of retribution, you have to feel like you got shafted in some way, shape or form." And Maybin said he has "no feelings" towards the Bills and insisted it'll be just another game. Right.

Maybin had no explanation for his sudden production, except to say he has benefitted from a change of scenery.

"I don't work any different than I did in Buffalo and I'm not any more talented today than I was yesterday," he said. "Nothing magical happened to me overnight and, all of a sudden, I can rush the passer again."

Actually, something might be different, according to Pettine -- Maybin's attitude. Unlike his three-week audition in the preseason, he's making a sincere effort to absorb the defense and play with an edge.

"When you talk, 'Play like a Jet' -- that hair-on-fire stuff -- when we had him here earlier, some of that stuff we didn't see," Pettine said. "And fitting in from a standpoint of understanding the defense was an issue. But since we've had him back, he's been different. I think he's really committed himself to learning it and, I think in a limited role, he has a chance to do some special things for us."