Namath weighs in on Revis non-call

A certain radio talk-show host, trying to be Edward R. Murrow, grilled Darrelle Revis on his 100-yard interception return against the Dolphins, claiming Revis should've been flagged for pass interference. Revis didn't appreciate the badgering and, acting on the advice of a Jets PR staffer, hung up Friday on radio guy.

Joe Namath, the greatest Jet of 'em all, sides with Revis. Yes, there was contact before the pass, but Namath told ESPNNewYork.com, "Who cares? What did Michael Jordan do on his fadeaway jump shot?"

Replays show contact after five yards, but Marshall initiated the contact because he stumbled and fell into Revis. If Revis was guilty of anything, it's that he grabbed Marshall's jersey ever-so-briefly. ESPN analyst Jon Gruden, on the telecast, said it was blatant penalty by Revis.

Namath believes it was a good non-call.

"Hell, Marshall was pushing off on the first completion," Namath said. "Hey, there's contact down there. What the heck? Who cares? Does it make a difference if Babe Ruth hits a fastball? It's part of the game."