Kris Jenkins diary

Kris Jenkins has agreed to provide ESPNNewYork.com with a weekly diary this season. This is his first account.

Before going to camp I knew I wasn't going to try the conditioning test.

We decided not to do it because I would have went out there and probaby tried to force it and there was a big chance I could have reinjured myself. That was something that I definitely didn't want to do.

Trust me, I'm going to run the conditioning test, I'm in shape for it and it's something I have to do before I get back on the field.

But right now we are being safe. I discussed it with the trainers the night before camp started.

It's one of those things when you think about things and making the right decisions you have to be honest. I didn't want to keep my mouth shut and not do anything about it. I informed the trainers and I informed my coaches as well.

I'm about to be 31 in a couple of days and when you're 31 in this game you have a totally different way of dealing with your body. You have to be smart about everything.

When I was younger I would have been fine. I would have stretched it and I would have been fine. But now I don't recover as quickly so I have to be smarter about everything.

The best recovery is taking care of everything before it happens.

That's why I have a strict ritual before coming to camp. The night before camp starts I always stress out. When I pack I write a list and I and make sure I have everything I need. That way if I need to go WalMart I know what I have to get.

The toughest part about camp is leaving my three kids. They are in D.C. with their grandparents for the summer. I won't get to see them for a while and it hurts. But they'll be up here soon, and you have to understand that's how this game goes.

You make certain sacrifices but on the other side the reward is that we get paid a lot of money and if you are smart with your money you can make sure your children have everything they need.

I don't get the luxury of spending a lot because my money is for them.