Adamaz on how to "Do The Mark Sanchez"

How exactly do you “Do The Mark Sanchez?”

Allow “Adamaz” to explain.

Or better yet, watch the aspiring 28-year-old rapper’s music video.

“It’s a dance, a 1-2 step dance. And then you kind of lean back and then you make a wing with your hand in the air like you’re taking flight -- to the right side or the left side, whatever one you feel like doing -- kind of like a touchdown,” said Adamaz -- real name, Jesus Enrique Lira -- whose “Do The Mark Sanchez” music video has gotten nearly 10,000 views since it went up on YouTube on Monday.

“It’s gotten amazing response and a lot of love.”

Adamaz, a barber who was born in Tampa, Fla., got his inspiration to do the song three years ago after learning that the New York Jets rookie quarterback -- like himself -- was of Mexican descent. He’s been a die-hard Mark Sanchez and Gang Green fan ever since, and hopes his song’s message -- that the Jets have the heart of a champion and can win it all -- will fuel them to a Super Bowl title this season.

“We were watching the 2009 NFL draft on the big screen at the barbershop,” said Adamaz, who cuts hair at Mr. Ray’s Barbershop in Brandon, Fla. “Right before Mark got picked by the Jets I saw a graphic that said he was a Mexican quarterback out of USC.

“I was blown away because I’m Mexican myself (Adamaz’s parents were both born there). It struck me and inspired me to do a song for him and his teammates because he’s an inspiration for our people too. It inspired me to do a dance that was for fun for the kids. He can make a championship run and I want to inspire him to win a championship and I hope this will strike the hearts of the fans, the Jets and New York City.”

"Adamas," the Greek word for “Diamond”, in the rapper's words stands for “Adversaries Decline As Mexicans Arise Supernaturally.” He says the "Z" in his stage name was added to "slang it out." He began working on the song in October, 2010, but didn’t have enough money to make a music video. He put the song online anyway with a highlight reel of Sanchez. It got a little over 6,000 hits, and even generated some interest from CBS radio.

Unfortunately, CBS wanted to see a dance on video, and Adamaz wasn’t in a financial position to make that happen. A year later, though, with the help of several people, he was. The highlight of the video is a tricked out Jets’ green Ford F-150 covered by “X’s and O’s” and the team’s logo, which Adamaz says was donated just for the shooting of the video by a local car dealer who liked the idea.

“I want to get my name out there,” Adamaz said. “But I also want to help Mark out. I want to inspire him. I want to motivate him.”

Adamaz hopes the song takes off. He wants it to be played on the radio and also at MetLife Stadium, and his manager is working hard to make all that come to fruition.

“It gets you motivated, it gets you hyped, it gets you crunk,” Adamaz said. “I show it to Jets fans around here and they go bananas with it because the lyrics on there, it’s a great fight song, a great anthem.”

But more than anything, he wants Sanchez and the Jets to win the Super Bowl.

“It would bring us pride and joy to see that. He’s a great role model for the Mexican community,” Adamaz said.

Adamaz said he’s been cutting hair and rapping since he was 14.

“Hair has been my backbone to having a steady income,” said Adamaz, who just finished up a similar anthem for his hometown Tampa Bay Rays that will come out before the 2012 season begins. “I’m just trying to pursue my dream in music and stuff.”

Adamaz hopes his “Do The Mark Sanchez” rap song will take flight.

“It’s always a great blessing when you start seeing things happen for you that you believe in and you work so hard to get to,” Adamaz said.