Maybin causes 'Mayhem' in Buffalo

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Aaron Maybin still has yet to record a sack in Buffalo.

But he managed to cause plenty of “Mayhem” against his former team in his return on Sunday afternoon -- and a game-ball and a victory were more than enough for the 23-year-old pass rusher.

Maybin’s second-quarter pressure of Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick led to an ill-advised throw that was intercepted by David Harris, and the Jets went on to beat Buffalo, 27-11, at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Mark Sanchez gave me this: my first game ball,” Maybin said, pointing to the football inside his locker stall. “Anytime Mark Sanchez gives you something, it’s something you wanna hold on to. So I don’t think I’m ever getting rid of this, I think I want him to sign it for me.”

Despite downplaying his return all week, Maybin conceded that he wanted one sack.

Just one.

“That would be special because it’s something I was never able to accomplish while I was there,” Maybin said.

Two seasons. Twenty-seven games. No sacks. It’s how first-rounders quickly become busts in the cities in which they were drafted.

It’s how those first-rounders quickly become nobodies. Not Maybin.

“I never had hard feelings when I left,” Maybin said. “It’s a business. At the end of the day, football is football. You just gotta be ready when you get the call, and obviously with me being on this team now, I’m all about helping us get as many wins as possible and helping us going as far as we can go this year.”

Maybin may have been on the scrap heap, but he wasn’t going to quit.

The Jets picked him up, released him, and then brought him back, hoping that he still had something left to give.

In just five games, Maybin has given the Jets three sacks and three forced fumbles -- three more sacks than he ever had in Buffalo.

Still, he isn’t satisfied.

“I always think there’s need to be more that I need to be doing and more that I can do, and then you’re preparation that’s how you get better,” Maybin said. “You identify the areas where you can get better, the areas where you can improve, and you continuously try to do so, so as far as where I am right, I’m not where I want to be, but I’m on my way.”

And the doubters?

“The day I start playing to get validation from people in the media is the day I need to retire, really,” Maybin said.