Something in common with Stanford

The Jets could have an impact on college football's national championship.

Uh, how's that?

David Shaw, head coach of undefeated Stanford and future No. 1 pick Andrew Luck, indirectly credited Rex Ryan with helping him grow as an offensive coach. You see, Shaw spent four seasons as a Ravens assistant, three of those when Ryan was the Ravens' defensive coordinator. Shaw said he benefitted from the daily battles against Ryan's defense.

"It was hard,” Shaw told the Stanford Daily. “Every single day, you better have multiple answers, you better have protection issues, and I’m talking about the offseason — you’re just trying to get through a spring practice against Rex, because every single play is a blitz . . . So you learn how to diagnose your own offense against the worst possible looks.”

Stanford has other Jet connections. Shaw plucked run-game coordinator Mike Bloomgren from Ryan's staff, where he served as a quality-control coach. If you've seen the Cardinal on TV, you probably noticed they use the Wildcat package. That, Bloomgren said, came directly from the Jets' playbook.

"I had the opportunity to do our whole Wildcat package (with the Jets)," he told the newspaper. "We called it the Seminole package in New York, and that was kind of my baby there."