Cover your eyes

It was ugly, all right -- Patriots 37, Jets 16. Let's sift through the rubble:


David Harris. There wasn't much to get excited about, but Harris had two tackles for loss and made a nice third-down stop on Danny Woodhead, pulling him down from behind.

Darrelle Revis. He did a nice job on Wes Welker, holding the Energizer Bunny to six catches for 46 yards. Not all of them came against Revis, but you get the drift.

Gene Steratore. You know you're reaching when you give a shout-out to the referee, but Steratore showed some heart. He got his face bloodied when reaching into a scrum, but he kept on doing his thing.


Mark Sanchez. It's games like this that make you wonder if he's the future. He missed some open receivers, his pocket presence was awful and, of course, there was "the stupidest thing in football history" -- his ill-advised timeout at the end of the first half. Rex Ryan is going to regret that line.

Rex Ryan. He was schooled by Bill Belichick. The Jets got beat by three players -- Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Andre Carter -- and a bunch of no-name, bottom-of-the-depth chart defensive players. That's an indictment of Ryan and his staff.

• S Eric Smith. You hate to single out one guy from the defense, but Smith got roughed up a lot by Gronowski. Smith also had a facemask penalty.