Ryan is Suh not serious

After making the obligatory post-Thanksgiving hyperextended lapband joke, Rex Ryan was asked about the stomp heard round the league. What did Ryan think about Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh’s aggressive behavior after the whistle, pushing Packers lineman Evan Dietrich-Smiths head into the turf on Thursday night?

“I’ll be honest with you I think the young man, he should be released,” here Ryan paused, “and come to the Jets. I mean, I’m just throwing that out because I don’t think he’s that good a player and I don’t know about the incident and all that jazz but we’ll take him, sacrifice that way.”

Ryan was clearly joking. The former Baltimore defensive coordinator advocates smash-mouth football, although not outside the boundaries of the whistles.

“You’ve seen things like that happen on the field before and things,” Ryan said. “but it’s an emotional game.”

Suh was ejected, and the NFL is expected to fine and or suspend Suh. On Friday, the league smacked Denver’s Von Miller with a $25,000 fine for a late hit on Mark Sanchez. Even Ryan has been fined, once $50,000 for making an obscene gesture at a fan during the offseason, and again last week, $75,000 for hurling an obscenity at a heckler.

Compared to what Suh did, you might say Ryan falls into the “words will never hurt me” camp.

“That one better be more than 75,000,” Ryan quipped on the way out.