Holmes: Cook is in "better situation"

The Emanuel Cook mystery, Day IV:

Cook is getting a lot of pub for a bottom-of-the-roster player, but it's always compelling stuff when a player gets cut for a non-performance-related reason.

On Thursday, special teams coach Mike Westhoff said Cook made "a great play" by recovering the Bills' botched squib kick, but he declined to shed any light on why he was released. Westhoff didn't want to talk about "what the problem was" or the "circumstances." He simply said Rex Ryan came to him and explained that they wanted to cut Cook.

WR Santonio Holmes said it was "a tough pill," adding this strange comment: "It's fortunate he's in a better situation now."

Cook is with the Ravens, who claimed him over waivers. Is that better than the Jets? Well, yeah, based on the standings.

On Monday, ESPNNewYork.com reported that Cook was released because of an incident that occurred Monday at practice. He slacked off in conditioning drills, angering team brass, sources said. But you have to figure there was more to it than that.