Schotty: "I love it here"

Thursday is the day the Jets make the coordinators available, and so it was the first opportunity reporters had to ask offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer about the contract extension he got during the offseason. He's signed through 2013.

“I think you guys all know that I love it here,” Schottenheimer said. “I love working for Rex (Ryan). I’ve had some opportunities to go and look at other places. Some things have come my way, head-coaching wise, but I’m thrilled to be a Jet and I think we have something special here.”

Shottenheimer interviewed with the Ravens and the Dolphins and declined an interview with the Bills.

Plenty of Jets fans had mixed reactions to the news — obviously being diplomatic there — and Schottenheimer is aware that he and Sanchez sometimes draw criticism, for example the boos quarterback Mark Sanchez got during warmups.

Schottenheimer said he didn’t hear them, but allowed, “The one thing I’ve always said about the Jets fans, they’re passionate, and I love that.”

Coaching consultant Tom Moore was on hand at practice, and Schottenheimer said seemed upbeat, even though the fairly obvious reason is to fix some of the troubles the Jets have had on offense in the Sanchez era. Moore was the Colts offensive coordinator as the team developed and won a Super Bowl with quarterback Peyton Manning.

“Tom’s the best,” Schottenheimer said. “Tom might be the most positive person I’ve ever been around. I can’t remember, it was a couple of weeks ago, we lost to somebody and he sends me the fax, his summary of the game, and it was like, 'Positive this, positive that, positive.' I was like, 'Man, I can’t believe it. There’s that many positive things he took from it.' So, I’m thrilled he’s here, and it makes it easier to consult and be around him, and hopefully he stays for a while.”

Ryan said he was always looking for ways to get Moore more involved with the Jets, but that he wouldn’t be elevated from consultant to one of the titled coaches.

“His thing is, he’s retired,” Ryan said. “But we were fortunate enough to have him as a consultant. But it’s good to have him here. We’d like to have him here more.”

AND ON ANOTHER GOOD NOTE: Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine was reminded that it has been nearly a year to since a serious injury to Jets safety Jim Leonhard, who he has worked with since their days in Baltimore.

“I was surprised when we were coming off the lockout and (Jets trainer) John Mellody had said he’s going to have minimal restrictions” Pettine said. “That’s going from where he was, I was at the hospital, I saw the X-Ray. I saw the number of screws and all the hardware that was in his leg.

It’s amazing to me that he was able to be back so quickly, and once he got back it was just like, ‘Same old Jimmy.’ You didn’t really think that much of it. I know he wore a little shin guard-type thing on it for a while, and he couldn’t wait to take that off. So, it’s a credit to him, his work ethic and obviously our doctors and training staff that were on top of it.”