"Mayhem" Maybin, defense step up late

LANDOVER, MD. -- Two seasons in Buffalo and Aaron Maybin never earned his keep on the active roster. He was like a jar of defensive potential where the cap just couldn’t come lose. He came to the Jets without a sack to his name, and now, just a few weeks later, he’s producing sacks and forcing fumbles all over the place.

In a 34-19 win Sunday, "Mayhem" Maybin recorded a sack, two tackles and a forced fumble. Maybin leads the team with six sacks and four forced fumbles on the year.

He’s even got coach Rex Ryan -- who was the one to finally getting that pesky cap off -- joking that he needs to get some Mayhem T-Shirts made up.

“I told Maybin that fourth-quarter sacks win games and he responded to me saying, ‘I know it coach,’” Ryan recounted. “Then he went out there and got one, then I said to him that a fumble was even better, so I am proud of the effort on his part.”

Before the game, according to Pro Football Focus, Maybin’s five sacks on 110 defensive snaps was the best ratio in the NFL, with five sacks being the benchmark for statistical consideration.

Maybin -- a Maryland native -- had his moment in the fourth quarter. The Jets held a slim 20-16 lead on a third down for Washington. He sacked Grossman for a nine-yard loss and forced the fumble, which was recovered by linebacker Calvin Pace. The Jets got the ball at the Washington 9 and two plays later, running back Shonn Greene scored.

It was just one of the instances where the Jets took advantage in a key spot. The Jets' defense, who started slow, regrouped at half time and limited the opposition to a single field goal in the fourth quarter.

“We’ve been harping on this for the last couple of weeks, about not letting our worst drive be our last drive,” Maybin said. “Not allowing teams to finish in crunch time, being able to buckle down at the appropriate time.”

Jamaal Westerman also recorded a sack, and Eric Smith and Pace led the Jets in tackling with six apiece. Westerman said the Jets talked at the half about improving their technique and tackling better, and Grossman was 0-4 in the third quarter.

“They did a good job of mixing up all of their stuff,” Grossman said. “They never give you the same look twice. They never play the same type of scheme twice. They did a lot of unique blitzes and you can’t get a beat on them. They are a pretty damn good football team.”

David Harris, the linebacker and defensive signal caller, said they were able to improve across the board in the second half.

“They caught us on our heels on the first drive felt like we just did a better job of knowing how they were going to attack us and came out second half, played lights out.”