Sorry, Schotty, Rex takes credit for TD call

LANDOVER, MD. -- Brian Schottenheimer can't catch a break.

The Jets' embattled offensive coordinator saw his unit score a season-high 34 points in Sunday's 34-19 win over the Redskins, but his boss -- Rex Ryan -- took credit for one of the touchdowns, Shonn Greene's 9-yard run on a direct snap. It came with 3:42 left in the game.

It was a "power" play, according to Ryan.

"I'll let him tell you it was my play that took the 'power' in for the touchdown, because it was, thank you very much," Ryan said, laughing.

Knowing Ryan, he didn't mean to demean Schottenheimer. It was just Rex being Rex. He also revealed that it was his idea to dust off the Wildcat package.

The Jets used a form of the Wildcat on seven different plays, gaining a total of 26 yards and a TD. It was their most extensive use of the Wildcat this season. (Where have you gone, Brad Smith?)

A breakdown:

1. Greene, direct snap -- +3 yards

2. Jeremy Kerley, direct snap, pitched to Joe McKnight -- -1

3. Greene, direct snap -- +1

4. Kerley, direct snap -- +6

5. Greene, direct snap -- +3

6. LaDainian Tomlinson, direct snap -- +5

7. Greene, direct snap -- +9 TD