Ryan downplays Mulligan snit

Rex Ryan said Monday he wasn't aware of Matt Mulligan's sideline outburst, which appeared to be directed an RBs coach Anthony Lynn. And if Mulligan did yell at Lynn, hey, stuff happens, according to Ryan.

"A lot of things happen in between the white lines on game day," Ryan said. "It’s never a personal thing, even if things do happen. It’s not like getting punched in the face or something."

That, of course, was a reference to the infamous sideline confrontation between Ryan's father, Buddy, and fellow Oilers assistant coach Kevin Gilbride. During a Jets-Oilers game in 1993, Ryan took a swing at Gilbride.

On Sunday, Mulligan was removed after a false-start penalty at the start of the third quarter and was caught on TV jawing at someone on the Jets' sideline. Fellow TE Dustin Keller stepped in front of Mulligan, seemingly to restrain him. Mulligan appeared to be upset with Lynn, who was standing nearby, but that couldn't be confirmed.

"Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s forgotten by now," Ryan said. "Even if there was (words exchanged), I don’t really know what went on, but I can tell you this, that this football team, we’re focused and we’ll be ready to play this week."

Mulligan has been a penalty machine; just call him The Amusement Park -- Six Flags. He's had four false starts and two holding penalties.

"Everybody has to be accountable," Ryan said. "We’ve got to ask why it’s happening and we’ve got to get it corrected. There’s no question about that."