Plax: Jets "no doubt" a playoff team

Plaxico Burress has watched a lot of football and seen teams rise and fall in many Decembers. So, are the Jets a playoff team?

“No doubt about it,” said the Jets wide receiver. “I think we’re one of those teams that nobody is going to pay attention to so we’ve just going to keep doing what we’re doing, going about it playing our style of football and win games.”

The Jets are 7-5 and will likely need to win each of their games in order to get a wildcard this season. Two losses to New England (9-3) mean the division is all but mathematically out of the question. So if the Jets are going to get back to the post-season for the third straight year it will have to be done the hard way.

Burress said that he’s seen teams get better in December, such as the Packers last season, and he sees the Jets making improvements at the right time now. He said that the Jets are following a good formula.

“Just keep getting better on a day to day basis,” Burress said. “Be disciplined. Not make mistakes to hinder yourself, and to see yourself getting better. I always say that when you practice, you develop confidence and when you develop confidence you have success on Sundays. And when you have success on Sunday you play with swagger. And when you play with swagger nobody can stop you.

“And I think we’re developing that mindset right now, to go out and play hard because everything is up to us, and not depend on anyone else to help us to get where we want to go. It’s going to be a dog fight each and every week.”

And with that, the Chiefs arrive for a 1 p.m. Sunday game at MetLife.