Slauson hurts ribs, other Jets injuries

Not long after the 45-19 loss to the Eagles, three Jets filed into the X Ray room at Lincoln Financial Field.

LG Matt Slauson was checked for broken ribs, and the result he said was negative. RB Joe McKnight didn’t know the results of an X ray on his right elbow, the one he hyperextended two weeks ago. Lastly, RB Shonn Greene found that he hadn’t broken his pinkie finger.

It’s that time of year, when injuries mount in the cold as teams make their stand for the NFL playoffs. Of the three, only McKnight was uncertain of whether he would be able to play against the Giants on Christmas Eve. Greene said he’d be ready to play.

“I guess a tendon or something popped, something like that,” Greene said. “I’ll be all right.”

DE Mike DeVito played his first full game after missing four games with knee injuries, one to each knee. DeVito said he felt fine during the game, no setbacks, and expects to be ready to go on Christmas Eve.

Slauson said he had a similar injury and will have to play through the discomfort. He was heartened by the fact that he played a good chunk of the Eagles game after sustaining it again.

McKnight said that he experienced some tingling in the right arm, which is why he had it looked at post game. McKnight wasn’t used on kickoff returns, that job went to Antonio Cromartie, but he did have three carries for two yards when QB Mark Brunell relieved starting QB Mark Sanchez after the game was out of reach.

Sanchez, who appeared to sustain a painful shoulder or neck injury, said after the game that he was fine.