Playing-time analysis: WR

This is our final playing-time breakdown for the season (based on a total of 1,076 offensive snaps):


Jeremy Kerley: 665 snaps/62 percent

Chaz Schilens: 504 snaps/47 percent

Stephen Hill: 414 snaps/38 percent

Clyde Gates: 210 snaps/20 percent

Santonio Holmes: 189 snaps/18 percent

Braylon Edwards: 143 snaps/13 percent

Jason Hill: 48 snaps/4 percent

Mardy Gilyard: 43 snaps/4 percent

Jordan White: 31 snaps/3 percent

Antonio Cromartie: 17 snaps/2 percent

Patrick Turner: 8 snaps/0.7 percent

Analysis: No position on the team endured more upheaval than wide receiver. The Jets lined up 11 different receivers, four of whom weren't in training camp with the team. ... Kerley, the smallest player of them all, turned out to be the Iron Man, playing in every game -- and he missed a chunk of the preseason because of a torn hamstring. Go figure. ... You know things are bad when Schilens, a marginal player, is on the field for nearly half the plays. ... Obviously, the Holmes injury threw everything out of whack, and there wasn't nearly enough depth to compensate. ... You could make the argument that a handful of these players won't be in the league next season. What more can you say?