Should Jets pursue Brandon Lloyd?

Quick thoughts and observations on the Jets and the NFL:

1. The Broncos reportedly are shopping WR Brandon Lloyd, asking for third- and fifth-round picks. That's not an outrageous price for a guy who led the league in receiving yards (1,448) last season, but it makes no sense for the Jets. First, Lloyd is a one-year wonder. Yeah, they'll be looking for a receiver in the offseason, but the last thing they need right now is another No. 1-type receiver. The mix already is combustible. Plus, they'd look like double talkers after going to such lengths to promote Jeremy Kerley as the reason they traded Derrick Mason. The trading deadline is Tuesday.

2. One overlooked angle to the Mason trade was his relationship with QB Mark Sanchez, who didn't seem like he was terribly broken up to see him go. Mason is a hands-on player, known to be tough on quarterbacks, and you heard rumblings that he didn't think Sanchez is (or will be) an elite QB. Asked if he had a chemisty issue with Mason, Sanchez said:

"No, I thought the trade was Rex’s decision and Mr. Tannenbaum’s decision, and I’m not going to get into a relationship thing with Derrick and I. But I obviously respect him as a player and I want to wish him the best. But, we saw Kerley play last week, he got a big role last week and did well in his role. So that’s kind of the way that we’re headed."

If their relationship was strained, it wouldn't shock me if that factored into the decision to make the trade. The Jets will do anything to protect Sanchez.

3. Now Rex Ryan is getting heat for running a loose ship, letting players speak their minds with no fear of punishment. The policy isn't to blame, it's the players that take abuse it -- i.e. Santonio Holmes. Freedom of speech doesn't mean you can walk into a crowded theater and yell, "Fire!" That said, Ryan needs to get control of this situation, pronto. So far, he's coming across like he's pandering to Holmes.

4. You can't blame Brandon Moore for firing back at Holmes. He tried to handle it internally, going to Holmes after his critical, post-Baltimore comments, but Moore didn't find that productive. So he went public with his feelings. Moore isn't a loose cannon -- he's the last guy you'd expect -- which goes to show the depth of his anger. Believe me, he's not the only player that feels that way. For years, the offensive line was the backbone of the offense. Okay, so now it's experiencing a rough patch, but that doesn't mean it deserves to be attacked by teammates.

5. The Jets really miss Tony Richardson in the locker room.

6. This is one of those Sundays where Jets fans will be rooting for the Giants. They face the surprising Bills (4-1), who have a two-game lead over the Jets. On the subject of rooting interests: Ryan always pulls for his brother, Rob, the Cowboys' defensive coordinator, but he'll be pulling extra hard because the Cowboys are visting the Patriots -- and the Jets need help.

7. Dolphins DB Nolan Carroll, better known in these parts as the guy who got tripped last December by Sal Alosi, found out this week that Alosi is back to work as the strength coach for Bryant University in Rhode Island. Carroll declined an interview request from ESPNNewYork.com, but told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel: "I'm happy for him. He got another shot at it, which is good. You start at the bottom and work your way back up. That's what he's doing."

8. After five weeks, who would've guessed the Bills would have more wins than the Jets, Colts and Eagles combined?