Green Day: A turkey day 'butt'-er ball

Happy Thanksgiving.

Sorry to remind you, but ...

One year ago, on Thanksgiving night, the New York Jets introduced the term "Butt Fumble" into sports lexicon. Mark Sanchez ran into Brandon Moore's rear end, coughed up the football and ... you know the rest.

For fans watching at home, the moment of slapstick created a serious case of post-turkey indigestion. A lot has happened to the Jets since then. Consider:

  • Their record since the Butt Fumble is 7-10. But they've actually become a good home team -- 5-2.

  • Only 23 players from the game remain on the Jets' roster, a stunning turnover for one year. One player from the New England Patriots is a member of the Jets -- linebacker Jermaine Cunningham, who started that night in the Patriots' 49-19 win.

  • The Jets haven't stopped committing turnovers -- a league-high 44 turnovers from then until now. One of them was a Behind-the-Butt Fumble, courtesy of Geno Smith.

  • A disgusted Fireman Ed left the building at halftime -- and still hasn't returned.

  • The Butt Fumble has its own Wikipedia page. Try to Google "Butt Fumble," and there will be 685,000 results.

ICYMI: Several players, including G Willie Colon, believe Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins is a must-win. ... Antonio Cromartie's hip injury is a big concern. There's a chance he may not play. ... Speaking of Fireman Ed, S Ed Reed said he wants the former super fan to come out of retirement for Sunday's game.