Draft close-up: G Will Campbell

With rookie minicamp approaching this weekend, we're taking a closer look at the Jets' draft picks not named Geno Smith, who already has received a ton of publicity.

Player: Will Campbell, sixth round

School: Michigan

Position: Guard

Projected impact: This could amount to a red-shirt year for Campbell, a defensive tackle for three-plus years at Michigan. In fact, he hasn't played guard since his sophomore year, 2010, so there will be growing pains. Chances are, he'll be stuck at the bottom of the 53-man roster or stashed on the practice squad as a developmental player.


On whether he thinks this is the right time to make the transition to guard: "I feel it is. Defensive guys can come over and play guard because I played both ways in high school and the transition was from one series to the next, so I feel like it will be a good transition with help from the coaches."

On why he thinks teams wanted to switch him to offensive line: "I guess they saw something in me that I can make that transition to be a better offensive lineman than defensive lineman, and I guess that’s what’s going to happen."

On whether he's more comfortable at guard or defensive tackle: "I’ve been playing defensive tackle in college for three-and-a-half years, so I probably would be more comfortable, right now, as a defensive lineman. But whatever I need to do to make that 53-man roster, I’ll do it."

On when he realized he would be drafted as an offensive lineman: "Once the draft started, I knew it was going to be like a 50/50 chance whether I was going to play D-tackle or offensive guard. It was like 50/50. I didn’t know which way I was going to go, but I knew there was a chance of me playing O-line."