Dricus du Plessis targets a third EFC belt

Dricus du Plessis celebrates winning his second belt at EFC 62 Fight Night, Carnival City Casino in Johannesburg. EFC Worldwide

As if making history as the first EFC fighter to hold two belts simultaneously is not enough, Dricus du Plessis wants to add the light heavyweight strap to his collection as well.

On Saturday, it took EFC welterweight champion Du Plessis (11-1-0) just 90 seconds to snatch the middleweight belt from England's Yannick Bahati.

The bout between the South African and Bahati resembled that of the UFC's fight between Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo, in that there were ridiculous pre-fight antics, trash talking... and then both fights ended quick-smart.

Brazil's Aldo reigned supreme in the featherweight division for just over a decade before McGregor handed him his first loss and took his belt, landing a knockout punch in 13 seconds in December 2015.

It may have taken a little longer for Du Plessis, but he quickly sunk into a tight guillotine choke to force Bahati to tap.

Du Plessis tells KweséESPN that he is confident no-one will threaten his currently held belts any time soon: "I'm always studying fighters and I don't see any good welterweight or middleweight contenders coming up soon.

"Cameron Pritchard is probably the only one whose hand is up in the division but he has a big fight ahead of him against (Jose) Da Rocha.

"I fought Da Rocha on short notice and he is a good competitor.

"Pritchard has declined a fight with me twice already. I believe they think he's not ready for me but if he wins this next fight then he's up next for the welterweight belt."

Of his triple belt ambition, he already has his next opponent in mind: "I don't think the Pritchard fight will sell that well, so a light heavyweight fight with Champion Dalcha will be great.

"I've already studied that fight (with Dalcha) down to the bone. If they give me that fight I know exactly what to do and how to win that fight."

Dalcha 'Champion' Lungiambula, also of South Africa, has looked unstoppable since winning the light heavyweight belt two years ago. He too claimed a victory against Bahati, back at EFC 39.

"He went three rounds with Yannick where he beat him in the clinch and out struck him. I think Dalcha is a much tougher opponent than Bahati," said the 23-year-old Du Plessis of his fallen opponent.

"I've said before that Bahati has no heart. He is a good fighter in that he has technique and he's strong but he doesn't like to get hit. And if that is the case then he's in the wrong sport.

"Dalcha is a warrior, he is a tough guy and he can take punishment so he will be a much tougher fight."