Sanchez meets with first-responders

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez met with first-responders to Hurricane Sandy in Toms River, N.J., on his off day Tuesday. The quarterback did an aerial fly-over with some of the first-responders near the Jersey Shore.

Surveying the damage in the area and talking with the first-responders left a deep impression on the young quarterback. He was struck by seeing the famous Seaside Heights roller coaster in the water, as well as seeing sand being bulldozed by plows as if it were snow.

"They were flying over it and some of these guys were almost in tears like, 'Man, that's our life. We can't go back to that for another eight months.' And they're going to get up the next morning and keep trying to fix it," Sanchez said. "I just did my best to take it all in and give myself some perspective on life.

"To me, my life is 3-5, and try to fight through it and win games for the New York Jets, but there's also so much more. Just stay positive with those guys and know that through times of adversity, this is a strong state and a strong tri-state area that can really come together and help each other. It was inspiring and I just try to be positive for these guys. It was a great experience."

Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow said his foundation is working on some ways to help out the hurricane relief effort.