Woody Johnson talks X's and O's

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Owner Woody Johnson covered a lot of ground Wednesday morning in an interview on CNBC. In addition to expressing confidence in Mark Sanchez but also saying he wants to keep Tim Tebow through 2014, Johnson rehashed Monday night's loss to the Texans.

Johnson praised Texans DE J.J. Watt. But, at the same time, he second-guessed his team's offensive strategy.

"The defense end that got his passes last week is probably the defensive player of the year," Johnson said, referring to Watt's three tipped passes. "We should have done a better job of accounting for him and keeping an eye spy on him wherever he is, and essentially don't throw in that area or throw extremely high.

"He's 6-6. He can jump 30 inches. So he's probably like 15 feet when you add it all up -- a tall guy. He tipped one that would have been a touchdown. ... There's probably only two or three players in the league that could have made that play."