Ditka calls the Jets a 'joke'

Iron Mike Ditka dropped the hammer on the Jets.

The Hall of Famer, a guest Tuesday afternoon on SiriusXM NFL Radio, continued his staunch defense of Tim Tebow, expressing his belief that the much-maligned Tebow can play quarterback in the NFL. Ditka chided the Broncos for trading Tebow (last season's playoff appearance with Peyton Manning must have slipped his mind) before turning his aim on the Jets, who released Tebow last week after one disastrous season.

"The thing in New York was kind of a joke, which I think they are a joke anyway," said Ditka, an ESPN studio analyst.

Ditka also unloaded on QB Mark Sanchez.

"Right now, I think Sanchez's psyche is smashed," he said. "I mean, it's shattered. He has to get his confidence back before he can do anything."

How do you really feel, Mike?