New York Jets can't avoid Tom Brady talk

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. –- The Tom Brady drama has been impossible to avoid and most of the New York Jets certainly are aware and keeping up with what's going on with their biggest rival.

"It is the biggest story in sports today," cornerback Darrelle Revis said on Wednesday when Jets players checked into camp. "It is definitely everywhere. Everywhere you look, on the feeds, Twitter, Instagram, it is pretty crazy."

"[But] it's Tom Brady," Revis added. "What do you expect? He is one of the best to probably ever do it. It's a big, hot topic. It's been going on, the appeal and everything, it has been getting a little crazy with it but it is Tom Brady."

Revis is starting his second tour with the Jets after winning the Super Bowl with the Patriots last season. The cornerback was asked if he believes Brady, who continues to fight the four-game suspension and maintain that he did nothing wrong.

"I have no comment on that," Revis said when asked if he believes the Patriots' quarterback. "I don't. The league handled it how they handled it. I am not on that stand. I am not the jury. I am not the judge. I don't know anything about how the information the NFL got."

"It's not my concern," Revis added when asked how the Patriots will cope if Brady misses four games. "They have to deal with their situation and that is how I look at it. I have things over here that I have to do. We have to do our job. That is really not my concern. That is something New England has to deal with."

If Brady does end up sitting out the first four games of the season for his role in using underinflated footballs during the AFC Championship Game, the Jets and the rest of the AFC East could be staring at a prime opportunity to get a jump on the Super Bowl champs in the division.

But the Jets aren't buying into that thinking right now since they don't face New England in their first four games which are against Cleveland, at Indianapolis, Philadelphia and at Miami.

"I don't think we play New England in all those first four games," said wide receiver Eric Decker. "We get the championship Brady every game so for that we're not worried about it. We're focused on ourselves and putting together a good team."

Revis does believe that the AFC East will be a tight race this season with changes all over the division from Rex Ryan moving to Buffalo to him returning to New York.

"I feel like this will be the toughest division in the NFL," Revis said. "Just how all the pieces have moved. Me being back here, Rex going to Buffalo, [former Jets GM Mike] Tannenbaum down in Miami, you have a lot of moving pieces."

"We still have to play [New England] twice a year and it is not like Tom is missing a game [against the Jets]," Revis added. "At this point, [what's happening in New England] is really out of our reach. We got to continue to play the teams that we play and try to win the division the best we can."