Former Knick Lee has second elbow surgery

During the Warriors' win over the Knicks last Wednesday, David Lee got a puncture in his left elbow from Wilson Chandler's tooth, and doctors treated the wound at the game. But the morning after, Lee woke up in "the worst pain" of his life. An infection had developed and the next day he underwent a surgical procedure to flush it out. But it still lingered around. It was reported today that Lee needed a second surgery on Monday to clean up the infection (San Francisco Chronicle). He is still hospitalized and could be out another two to three weeks. Good news, though: While his physician, Dr. Bill Maloney, said that the infection probably couldn't have been avoided, the swelling and redness around the elbow have shown progress and it's draining. "Every time we look at it, it looks better, but these things are notoriously bad actors," Dr. Maloney said. "David is not going to have any long-term [effects]. Delayed diagnosis could lead to very serious problems, but he's not going to have any of those."

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