Lin on Yao Ming: 'He's a big brother to me'

In 2004, former Rockets All-Star center Yao Ming was the subject of a documentary entitled "The Year of the Yao," which chronicled his first year in the U.S and the NBA.

Pretty soon, production on the "The Year of the Lin" will need to get started for Jeremy Lin -- and, if so, you can guarantee Yao will be included. But that won't happen only because of the Asian connection. Lin and Yao are actually very close friends.

"I talk to Yao after every game," said Lin, who took part in Yao's foundation tour in Taiwan in August 2010. "He's taken me out to eat every time we're in the same city. He's obviously a role model and a big brother and mentor to me. We keep in touch all the time."

For nine seasons, Yao was the Asian ambassador of the NBA, but unfortunately various injuries cut his career short, and he retired last summer. Could Lin take over that prestigious position? With the way word spreads around the world nowadays, especially through the advent of social media, that may have already happened.

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