Felton prefers to push than to pace

From Latta High School in South Carolina to college at North Carolina, all Raymond Felton knew was how to play fast. But when he was schooled under the tutelage of Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown with the Charlotte Bobcats, Felton learned that there are many tempos to being a complete point guard (Charlotte Observer). "I learned to look at a fast-paced game and think it through at a slower pace," said Felton, who's facing his former team tonight at the Garden. "I'd been told that my whole life, but he's the one who drilled it through me by staying on me 24-7." While he's back to running with the Knicks fueled by Mike D'Antoni's system, which he loves, he now knows how to read offensive situations better. "[I'm back] to what I did at Carolina -- get the ball and go," Felton said. "But what coach Brown gave me, it gets me thinking: Should I go [isolation] with Amare? Do I go screen-and-roll?"

Tomorrow night will mark a more emotional reunion between Felton and the Bobcats. That's when he plays in their arena for the first time since April. It will also be the first time his 77-year-old grandmother will see him play in person since Felton was in high school. "She’s still sick," Felton said, "but they’re driving her up there just to see me play." Felton said he’ll have about 500 family and friends at the game, and will be staying afterwards to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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