TWC subscribers miss Linsanity

The Linsanity continued on Saturday night.

But close to 1.5 million people in the greater New York area weren't able to see it unfold due to a bitter cable dispute between Time Warner Cable and Madison Square Garden.

Madison Square Garden has been unavailable on Time Warner Cable since Jan. 1. Both sides were unable reach an agreement prior to the first of the year.

Representatives for both Time Warner Cable and Madison Square Garden said there are no plans to return to the negotiating table. Some have speculated that Jeremy Lin's recent run of success (the Knicks are 5-0 since he started to get major minutes) will force the sides to reach a deal.

Representatives for each side said on Saturday that they were willing to negotiate, but were waiting for the other side to agree to come back the table.

At issue is a disagreement over fees that carriers pay for channels.

According to Time Warner Cable, MSG wanted a 53 percent increase in the rates it charges the cable network for its games. Time Warner said this demand came after the two companies had already agreed to a 6.5 percent rate increase last year.

MSG says that Time Warner's claim of its demand for a 53 percent increase is inaccurate.

Last week, Michael Bair, president of MSG Media, told investors that there is chance that the stalemate may not be settled this season.

Fans of the New York Rangers, New York Islanders, the Buffalo Sabres and New Jersey Devils who subscribe to Time Warner Cable have been unable to watch their teams home games televised on MSG.