Video: Broussard says Knicks would've been better for LeBron (seriously)

In response to a question from Mike Golic on Mike & Mike this morning, ESPN's Chris Broussard says -- get this -- the Knicks would have been a better landing spot for LeBron James. This is the same guy who was the first to report LeBron was taking his talents to South Beach. Broussard hasn't had a change of heart; he's simply giving LeBron a reality check.

Money quote: “Right now, it looks like he would have been great in New York, with Amare Stoudemire. … In New York, he would have been able to be LeBron James. Not hold back, not worry about letting this other guy take over ... I think [LeBron] in New York, this year, they might have been able to win it.”

Watch the clip, and hit us back with your comments (keep 'em clean, we're a family site). This oughta be fun.