Video: Was Lin exposed? Melo says no

He said Jeremy Lin can play and that he's the Knicks' point guard of the future.

But Stephen A. Smith also said the conference-leading Heat "exposed" Lin during his 1-for-11, eight-turnover performance on Thursday night.

Carmelo Anthony disagreed.

"'Exposed' is too strong a word," Anthony told Smith on ESPN's "First Take." "I think people overanalyze the situation. He's only been two weeks into this situation. It happened overnight. He was thrown into the fire in the Boston game [on Feb. 3] and then it took off from there.

"He's gonna be all right."

Before Thursday night's loss, the Knicks were 8-2 in games Lin started.

"People fail to realize it's only 10 games for him," Anthony said earlier in the interview. "Everybody thinks he's been here multiple years and has been in situations like this. This was a test for him."

Smith explained his point in two "SportsCenter" interviews: "He's definitely a good player. He definitely belongs in this league. He definitely appears to be the point guard of the future for the New York Knicks. But there's a difference between being a starter and a star, and there's a difference between a star and a superstar."

Smith specifically mentioned the trouble Lin had with full-court pressure from Mario Chalmers. In regard to the half-court game, Smith said:

"Because he shoots with his right hand, he was forced to his left. Struggling to go to his left, if you pull up, you're going to have to pull up with your right hand. Mario Chalmers was all over that. You combine that with [Lin's] slow release, and it explains why he shot 1-for-11 from the field. It explains why he shot 0-for-6 in the second half. It also explains why he committed eight turnovers.

"And now, we have put a pause to Linsanity, thank the good Lord, and we can get back to just looking at basketball as opposed to making this kid into something he's clearly not.

"Not yet."

What do you think? Is Stephen A. right? Is Melo right? Is there truth in both their statements?

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