Cousy coos over Lin's speed, vision

Getty Images/AP Photo

Celtics legend Bob Cousy, a leading scholar on point guards, sees staying power in Jeremy Lin.Bob Cousy had heard so much about the NBA's latest sensation, and had assured so many inquiring minds that the league always catches up to unscheduled comets streaking across its sky, that he finally decided to see for himself.

On Feb. 19, the 83-year-old former point guard of the Boston Celtics needed to break down the 23-year-old current point guard of the New York Knicks. An avid golfer who can shoot his age, Cousy canceled a round to watch Jeremy Lin play ball on TV.

Suddenly the Hall of Famer realized he'd been misleading friends and strangers alike. Linsanity, he decided, wasn't something opposing coaches would surely bottle up and store away in a month or two, never to be heard from again.

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