D'An: 'Everything' changed since last game in BOS

The Knicks were six games under .500 and had lost 10 of 12 the last time they came to Boston.

Things have changed drastically since.

Entering play Sunday, they'd won 10 of 13 thanks in part to the emergence of Jeremy Lin.

Lin played just six minutes on Feb. 3 against Boston, but blew up for 25 points and seven assists the next night against New Jersey, which turned out to be the first night of Linsanity.

So Mike D'Antoni was asked before Sunday's game against the Celtics how much had changed for the Knicks since the last time they were in Boston.

"Everything," D'Antoni said. "Probably the biggest thing is the mindset."

D'Antoni said the Knicks were 'frantically searching' for a way to win the last time they faced the Celtics.

"I think now we've found it, we've just got to improve it," the coach said. "Before we hadn't even found it. So everything's changed."

Celtics coach Doc Rivers believes the Knicks' spirit has changed since the last time he saw them.

"They’re playing different, they're running different stuff, so they’re a different team," Rivers said before Sunday's game. "I think they have a different spirit; it's almost like they were just kind of going through it when we played them the last time. Now you can see they believe that they're a good basketball team, and that they can win games."