Celts win 11th straight home game vs. N.Y.

Before Sunday's game, Mike D'Antoni said "everything" had changed for the Knicks since the last time they were in Boston on Feb. 3.

That may be true. But there's one thing that hasn't changed -- the Celtics still own the Knicks.

Boston beat New York 115-111 in overtime on Sunday for its 11th straight win over the Knicks in Beantown. Overall, the Celtics have beaten the Knicks in six of their past seven meetings. And that's not including their sweep of New York in the playoffs last year.

D'Antoni said everything had changed for the Knicks since Feb. 3 because that was the night before Jeremy Lin started his run, leading the Knicks to 10 wins in 13 games.

But Lin was outplayed by Boston's Rajon Rondo on Sunday -- especially in overtime. Which is just one reason why the Knicks lost to fall to 18-19.

After the game, Amare Stoudemire was asked about the Knicks' struggles in Beantown.

"It's not really nothing about this arena. It's just the fact that this team is a pretty good team," Stoudemire said. "They've won championships before. They understand how to close out quarters and close out games. ... We've got to take a page out of their book and apply it to our team."

Carmelo Anthony believes the Knicks will eventually be able to close games like Boston -- but they aren't there yet.

"That takes time," Anthony said. "They've been through the ringer long enough. They've been around long enough to know how to close out games. That's something that we can take from [Sunday's game]."