FanSpeak: Fire D'Antoni?

A quick riff on the hottest topic on ESPNNewYork.com: New York Knicks head coach Mike D'Antoni.

From D'Antoni in danger of firing himself:

"I haven't heard D'Antoni say one thing in defense of Melo in the media even though he's been getting hammered all season. That's awful coaching. You're supposed to defend your players and figure out how to use them.

"Melo is being lumped into the bad defense talk by reputation. He hasn't played poor defense this season. I can name players that have dominated Lin or Amare all season. I can't really name anyone that has torched Melo."

- euwa516

Ed.'s note -- Good point. But did you use the words "defense" and "Melo" in the same sentence?

From Melo: 'Losing basketball games sucks':

"'It's time for us to really get serious and try to win these games,' Amare Stoudemire said.

"So you admittedly weren't serious at all? Great, Stat, just great."

- jburulcich

Ed.'s note -- The whole getting-serious-and-trying-to-win-games thing should have started when the season did, no? It would have been a nice Christmas present for Knicks fans.

From D'Antoni says Knicks are 'still together':

"Figuring out what's wrong with the Knicks is like solving a murder mystery. Every game we get another clue. Melo didn't do it."

- Plucky Purcell

Ed.'s note -- This idea should not be overlooked -- a "CSI" night at the Garden would be awesome (without the actual blood, gore and arrests).

From Facebook:

"Need A New Phil-osophy (JACKSON)!!!! New Coach"

- Brian Woodall

"Fire him then get Phil Jackson!!"

- Stephen James

"Phil Jackson is not coming here.. Yeah its a nice thought and if gives you sweet dreams then good for you.. But he has no interest in taking over this mess.. Its a moot point.. If you people really want Mike Woodson to be your coach then yeah fire DAntoni now.. Other wise shut up.. Jackson is not coming.. Enjoy your delusional fairy tail world.. I will keep it real."

- Jer Troiano

Ed.'s note -- Right now, Phil only needs to worry about which of his 11 rings to wear today. He does not need this craziness in his life. Does he?

From Twitter:

"@ESPNNewYork I sure hope so. I said it earlier, His system plus the wrong personnel doesn't equal success. #Knicks"

- GoMetsGo

Ed.'s note -- Fans seem fairly unified in saying D'Antoni's gotta go. Next question: do you fire him now or do you wait until the end of the season?

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