FanSpeak: Contemplating Lin's injury

So Jeremy Lin went under the knife. What does this do to Linsanity?

From Jeremy Lin has surgery on knee:

"I recall a knicks fan from yesterday saying he'd be back in two weeks. My question to you is, where did you get your medical license?"

- ChicagoSportsFTW8510

Ed.'s note -- Everyone heals differently, but clearly the Knicks are being cautious with Lin.

"Assuming Lin's age and the type of injury, he can heal in 3 weeks instead of 6. Strong rehabilitation can exercise can heal up the knee quickly. Let's hope the Knicks can hold on to their spot, or at the least move up in the rankings until Lin is better."

- SJYankee1

Ed.'s note -- That’s making a lot of assumptions. He could heal in three weeks or it could take more than six. We just don’t know.

From Amare gets treatment, traveling with team:

"we should pick up marbury, lol"

- knickerbockers1994

Ed.'s note -- Stephon Marbury? VETOED!!!!!

From Opening Tip: Will Knicks make the playoffs?:

"I see the Knicks going at least 11-3. I wish you people would look forward and stop dreaming of the past. Woodsanity 9-2 , BD 3-1 as a starter. STAY IN THE MOMENT PLEASE!"

- ANT2172

Ed.'s note -- The past is the best indication of the future, grasshopper.

"seriously in my opinion Knicks shouldnt be worried about facing the Bulls ... The only team that will give the Knicks problems are the Heat & Celtics..... The Bulls are overrated .... if you have offensive fire power & can Rebound you can beat the Bulls same for the Heat & Celtics but the Heat & Celtics have more offensive fire power than the Bulls ... but IMO if you outrebound Boston you win 100% of the time"

- sam07ny

Ed.'s note -- The Knicks have to worry about all three teams, as they only have one win over Boston and haven’t beaten the others.

From If Knicks call, James would be interested:

From Twitter:

@IanBegley How much will his injury affect his contract negotiations for next year?

- JaneL

Begley's reply -- I doubt it will have a big impact. I think the #Knicks will re-sign him, assuming he makes a full recovery.

What would you do with Lin? Comment and let us know.