Woodson: It can't be all about Melo

Carmelo Anthony has scored 30 points or more twice in the last seven days. On both nights, the Knicks lost.

Mike Woodson subtly pointed this out when he was asked on ESPN New York 1050 about Anthony being his only option on offense.

He mentioned the two losses to make a larger point: For the Knicks to be successful on offense in the final 13 games, they'll need points from sources other than Anthony.

"I have stressed and I will continue to stress as a head coach, it's got to be everybody," Woodson said on Wednesday in an interview with "The Michael Kay Show."

"I don't want a team that is a one-man show. We didn't have that in Atlanta when I coached. We had six guys that averaged double-figures because on any given night, I want [a different leading scorer]. And it could be Melo every night, that's OK too. But one night it might be J.R. [Smith], it might be [Steve] Novak or it might be Tyson [Chandler]. That's the type of team I want to assemble because I just think it keeps opposing teams off balance in terms of who to key in on."

With Jeremy Lin and Amare Stoudemire sidelined, the Knicks will have to rely extensively on Anthony over the final 13 games.

He has responded well so far, averaging 29 points on 50 percent shooting with Lin and Stoudemire out, up from averages of 21 points per game on 41 percent shooting for the season.

He had another standout night on Tuesday, scoring a season-high 39 points on 17-of-31 shooting against the Pacers. But the Knicks' offense stalled in the fourth quarter, when they coughed up a double-digit lead. Instead of ball-movement, the ball went right to Anthony on many possessions.

Woodson indicated that he doesn't want his club to take an Anthony-or-bust approach to offense.

"Everybody knows we're going to key in on Melo because he is considered our best player, he and Amare," Woodson said, adding that others needed to emerge as threats on offense.

In other interview highlights, Woodson said it's important for the injured Stoudemire to travel with the team.

Stoudemire is undergoing treatment for a bulging disk in his lower back. He made the trip with the Knicks to Indiana and is receiving treatment from the staff.

"It's important because this team needs to know that he's still a apart of it," the coach said, adding he had no idea when Stoudemire could return.

Woodson also reiterated that the team needs to get Toney Douglas going. Douglas, Mike Bibby and Iman Shumpert are backing up starting point guard Baron Davis.

"I've watched Toney from a far before I came to New York and he had some wonderful moments on the floor and somehow as a coach I've got to get him back to that," Woodson said.

Lastly, Woodson said Bobby Knight, his coach at Indiana and a current ESPN analyst, was speaking from the heart when he told ESPN New York's Ian O'Connor that the Knicks would be idiotic if they passed over Woodson for the full-time head coaching job next season.

"I love Coach Knight to death," he said.

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