Spike Lee back to filming NBA commercials

In the late 80s and early 90s, filmmaker and longtime Knicks fan Spike Lee collaborated with Michael Jordan to film several commercials for his iconic Air Jordan sneaker line. Now, Lee is teaming up with Dwyane Wade and Charles Barkley to direct two T-Mobile spots that will debut on Christmas Day (ESPN.com).

One of the commercials, in which Lee makes a cameo, features Wade locked in a hotel bathroom, and then he creates and shares a video with his phone saying, "Get me out of here." In the narrative of the ad, it's widely misconstrued as a trade demand, but the brand message is that NBA fans can share updates and stream HD video.

Wade says he'll work with Lee anytime. "I had worked with him previously. I kind of knew how he works, so when I found out he was one of the candidates I was like, 'Oh yeah, perfect.'"

Knicks notes:

  • Lee on Carmelo Anthony: "I want to have Carmelo, but I don’t want Donnie Walsh to have to give away everybody. We’ll see what happens. I’m not the GM; I’m not going to say who should go, who should stay. I just don’t think that the whole team should be gutted. Then we’d be back to square one."

  • I was fortunate enough to attend last Friday's New York Knicks Night of Greatness presented by American Express for the Heat game, where journalists and several lucky Knicks fans were able to meet and interact with Walt Frazier and Earl "The Pearl" Monroe. Frazier, who was wearing a green suit with matching alligator boots, said he thought LeBron James wasn't ready for the media scrutinization that comes with being in New York, but Amare Stoudemire was and he's handled it very well. He also said Anthony Randolph is in Mike D'Antoni's doghouse and doesn't foresee him getting out of it anytime soon. While Frazier thinks Anthony is an outstanding player, he's worried that the Knicks trading for him would disrupt the quality chemistry they're developing right now. But, he says, the current Knicks are still a couple of years away from being a championship-caliber team. When Monroe was asked to compare Stoudemire to Chris Bosh, he said that Bosh didn't have the tenacity like Stoudemire, who was more suited for New York's style of basketball. He also said that the one piece the Knicks are missing is a defensive center to complement and backup Stoudemire. He also reminisced about legendary parties Woody Allen threw at his "Mansion" while he was a Knick, and his friendship with jazz legend Miles Davis.

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