Sixers in, Bucks out, Knicks aim for sixth

With the Sixers' 105-87 win over the Nets Monday night -- the last NBA game in New Jersey before the team moves to Brooklyn -- that means they're officially in the playoffs, even though the Bucks beat the Raptors, 92-86.

Now, the Knicks and Sixers have the same record (34-30), but the Knicks own the seventh seed because they have the tiebreaker based on head-to-head matchups this season (2-1).

Both teams have two games left. While the Knicks play the Clippers and Bobcats, the Sixers face the Bucks and Pistons. If the Knicks lose both, and the Sixers win both, they would bump down to the eight spot and likely face the Bulls.

But moving up to sixth, where the Magic currently sit, is not out of the question. If the Magic lose their next two games, and the Knicks win theirs, they would drop because the Knicks own the regular-season series tiebreaker (2-1).

However, the Magic's second to last game of the season on Wednesday is one of the easiest they'll play all season, as they're facing the Bobcats, the worst team in the league (7-57) and losers of 21 straight.

So overall, the most probable scenario is the Knicks staying at seven and renewing their historic playoff rivalry with the second-seeded Heat in the first round.

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